Don’t Get Angry At Corporations

Take Action!

Here is a short list of actions you can take:

1. Write your congressman or senator. Not a form letter, a real, well thought out letter. If you don’t have the time then give them a quick call.

2. Write a letter to the oil companies. At the end of the day, they want your business, let them know that a little decency goes a long way.

3. Buy less oil and gas. Consider buying a more fuel efficient car. Consider taking public transportation more often. Consider walking to the store. You can vote with your dollars, and they will hear you.

4. Join the fight. If energy policy is the area that really lights your fire, consider finding and supporting a group that is working to make a difference.

5. Shop Local. When you put your dollars into local businesses you strengthen your community. Up to 25% more of your money stays in your community when you shop local.

Remember, as bad as things may seem, we do have a voice. You can vote with your dollars, you can speak out, and you can vote in every election.

Action matters!

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