The Myth That America Is A Center Right Nation

Celebrating Our Independence From Another Right Wing Falsehood

With the birth of our nation fresh on our minds it seems like the right time to bask in the glow of the rocket’s red glare as the myth of America as a center right nation explodes in front of us. Time and again you hear right wing voices proclaiming the flaws of liberalism and the inherent weakness of any party or philosophical approach that isn’t republican. The argument that is always made is that we are a “center right nation.”

There are any number of facts and arguments that can be made to refute this notion, but there really isn’t any need to argue, Republicans across the nation have made the argument for me. You see, republican controlled legislature after republican controlled legislature have been passing laws seeking to limit who can vote. Deliberate legislative voter suppression efforts have been passed or are under way in Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Michigan, Nebraska, Ohio, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, and Wisconsin. When you look at the legislatures and governors of these states, can you spot a trend?

So the question for our republican friends is, if we are a center right nation, why are you so afraid of people voting? Additional questions might include, if you have a great love of country as the super patriots you claim to be, why are you so afraid of we the people?

Like so many of the claims made by the modern right, there is little to no truth to the idea that we are a center right nation. In fact, the concerted effort by the republican party to ensure that as few Americans as possible vote in the next election seems to indicate that we are anything but a center right nation. Why work so hard to suppress the vote unless you know that allowing Americans to vote means they will choose anything but your right wing ideology? In 2008, the last election when Americans voted, the center left won big. Only in 2010, when Americans did NOT vote, in some demographics in nearly historically low numbers, did the right regain seats.

You don’t have to look any further than the signing of the Declaration of Independence to see that self determination through voting is a bedrock American ideal. Fourteen of the twenty-eight grievances against the king have to do with self-determination and the right to participate in and form governments that represent us.

It is clear that the right of the people to establish their own government, to participate in their government, in short, to vote is the core of our democratic system. Yet in spite of this obvious fact our history is full of efforts to limit the rights of one group or another to vote and participate in the government of the people. Similarly our history is full of valiant efforts to fight against this kind of oppression and tyranny. In every case we the people have prevailed.

One wonders why, at this point in our history, do we find yet another group of un-Americans seeking to take away the rights and freedoms of their fellow citizens? Perhaps the modern right has forgotten that what makes this country great is not fighting for the rights of people you agree with, but rather fighting the hardest to protect the rights of those you disagree with the most.

So I’ll our ask republican friends again, if we are a “center right nation” then why are you afraid of we the people voting?

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  1. By Rhoderick Gates at That's right. Domestically Americans are social democrats(center left) & on foreign policy internationalist.
  2. By Sarah at I just like playing Devil's advocate, so bear with me cousin. Even if the Republican are crazy evil and trying to suppress the poor, the poor are required to show ID for Social Security things like welfare and food stamps, so if they are that poor they probably already have one. Not to mention that everything that may be required to even REGISTER could be used to get an ID. And if we're talking minorities who are not included in the poor, they should be able to afford the $10 bucks that NY charges... and the FREE id in PA. Not that I think the republicans are awesome.... a lot of them are pigs, but I don't think if someone truly wanted to vote that this would impede them.
  3. By Jamie Kemmerer at There is a fundamental flaw in your logic. Or rather several, but let's address the primary flaw..."we are endowed by our creator with certain inalienable rights" your argument is that it is ok for the GOP, or anyone for that matter to try to take away our fundamental rights or even charge for them because if we really wanted, we would pay the fee. Would you feel the same about freedom of speech, or freedom of religion, or press, or the right to own guns? There is a very real problem when good people like you see someone actively trying to take away the rights of your fellow Americans and you look at the victims and blame them. Your freedom is being stolen, it is being taken from you, you ought to be angry about that. And if you aren't, then every time you go to post on facebook or a blog or speak your mind, take $10 and put it in a jar and then give that money to the government for the privilege of exercising your rights, because that is what you are arguing for above.
  4. By Sarah at I don't think the government should be involved in ANY of that, my point isn't that I think it is okay that they should be doing so, my point is that you are saying that this is aimed at and WILL impede certain demographics from voting. I am saying that the groups we are talking about would not be hindered because the poorest levels of America are required to have such Identification to receive the welfare system money, or to hold a job, or to go to the bank... I am more looking at that reaction you're giving to something that I feel will not really keep people from voting when you're basically calling out against "new jim crow." I think the two party system doesn't work, I think it's a sham. Actually, I'm also just looking at the fact that you point at PA all the time as well. We don't charge for the ID, NY DOES. Berating us like we are children who don't care and don't act, because you are disappointed that we apparently don't share your convictions? Should I judge NY for things that don't jive with my convictions? Like that NY aborts about 40% of their healthy babies? Don't be ashamed for PA, we're just fine handing out free stuff like Photo IDs for exercising our rights. I'm more concerned about mandated Insurance that punishes people for not buying in than I am for a $10 fee for an ID that I more than likely already need, and can obtain with the paperwork I used to get a voter registration card (they asked for my driver's license BTW) to a party I don't even like. If I had my way the government wouldn't be telling us who we could marry, what sub-par candidates we had to choose from, whether or not we have insurance.... the list goes on. But unfortunately Washington is so divided that it can't function; the GOP is now a POS, and the Democrats can only point at the GOP and cry "they took my toy," because they are to weak to just do something about it. I already PAY for the internet to speak my mind, and it does cost money to register a gun, if we even get to own those much longer. Things cost money, are you under the impression that it doesn't cost anything for them to count the votes that my unalienable rights bestow upon me? No, my tax dollars do. People who don't have jobs (not blaming them by the way, before you decide that I hate the unemployed...) get to vote for free in that respect, but it still costs someone to make that right available.... unless we all just start mailing in our votes? Don't get me wrong, they are taking all kinds of rights away from us, from parenting to "buy insurance or pay the price" type laws.... and yes it PISSES me off. But more than any of that, I hate that I can't turn the corner without someone calling the Republicans evil, or the Democrats demonic... It sickens me to the core. No one wants to debate, they want to smear, they want to demonize, they want to drain our pockets and promote laws that DON'T EVEN APPLY to them. Do I think it's a stupid idea? Yes and no, yes I think more money from us and hoops to jump through is ridiculous, and no because voter fraud actually exists, even from the beloved members of the NAACP, the same group that you claim this laws are aimed at... In any case... I don't think it's quite the conspiracy that it is being made out to be. Politicians don't care about us, we are numbers.

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