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Looking Back At The Hard Work Of "The People’s Candidate" Tea Party Congressman Michael Grimm

The self titled "people's candidate" Tea Party Congressman Michael Grimm has been hard at work for the last year. Since he took office in January, he has worked tirelessly. Unlike so many others in Congress who have been distracted by lesser issues like the economy, the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, global economic challenges, jobs or global climate change, Congressman Grimm has stayed focus on the big issues. Let's take a look at the hard work he has been doing for HIS constituents.

Almost immediately Congressman Grimm got down to work for HIS constituents. Recognizing the slow recovery and the importance of boosting the economy Congressman Grimm suggested a bill to strengthen Wall Street and weaken whistleblowers. It's clear that after the economic downturn of 2008, what our economy needs most is more corruption and more questionable practices at the core of our financial and economic system. Only by ensuring that it is easier to engage in the very practices that led to the market collapse and making it harder to discover and prosecute such practices, can we hope to restore our economy. This is the Grimm wisdom on the economy. HIS constituents couldn't be happier that the bill "submitted by Rep. Michael Grimm (R-NY), may be one of the worst legislative proposals we’ve seen in a long time ."

Continuing his focus on real ways to get the economy moving, Congressman Grimm went back to work for HIS constituents by introducing a bill to repeal a new tax on tanning services. Repealing the new 10% tax on tanning should affect, well, maybe 10s of jobs. It's this kind of large scale measure that is sure to drive our economic recovery...or not.

Grimm didn't stop there, his tireless efforts for HIS constituents continued when he announced his support for legalizing and regulating online gambling. Legalizing online gambling is sure to affect, well, maybe dozens of jobs.

With so many big issues looming, Tea Party Congressman Grimm couldn't stay focused on job creation forever. Eventually he shifted his attention to what could be the biggest issue to face our nation in it's history, the energy efficient light bulb. Railing against the oppressiveness of government, "the people's candidate" said "The government has grown way too big, but when it starts limiting our choice in light bulbs, you’ve got to be kidding me!" HIS constituents must be proud. If there is one thing this country needs, it is more consumption of energy, the less efficient, more wasteful and more pervasive the better.

Finally, it was announced yesterday that Congressman Grimm intends to introduce a bill that will declare the 9/11 cross a national monument. This is in direct response to efforts by the American Atheists lawsuit regarding the cross. While we can all agree that religious tolerance is important, and is in fact a founding tenet of our nation, it would seem that Grimm's time would be better spent fighting for the healthcare and financial support of our 9/11 first responders, who ten years later still don't receive the support and real respect they have earned. Such symbolic gestures ring even more hollow when the real needs of the heroes of 9/11 continue to be ignored.

Tea Party Congressman Grimm has spent much of his first year in office working hard for HIS constituents. HIS campaign contributors and corporate supporters must be pleased. As the "people's candidate" returns to congress the people would ask that he consider working equally hard for the people of Brooklyn and Staten Island.

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