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Conservative, as defined by Merriam-Webster means one who supports existing views or institutions. So let's break this definition down and weigh the claims of the modern conservative against it.


A Convenient Excuse To Avoid Confronting The Realities Of Modern American Society

Lazy is the insult heaped upon so many other injuries Americans endure on a daily basis. Lazy is the convenient excuse used by the right to belittle those they oppose and to mitigate the guilt of defending the wealthy few. Lazy is the laziest possible approach to solving our problems.


Good for the haves but abhorrent in the have nots.

It’s interesting to watch the voices on the right point and ridicule all of us lazy Americans who are taking government handouts. If one were to believe the right, it is the greed of the poor and middle class that is killing America.

180 Alert: AAN Launches “Thank Republicans For Protecting Medicare” Campaign

Staten Island Advance Joins Hundreds of Newspapers Nationwide In Launching New Grimm Humor Section

A new campaign by the American Action Network seeks to get seniors to call in support of their Republican congressman and senators to thank them for "fighting to protect medicare." The Staten Island Advance contained an ad from AAN in what is apparently a new Grimm Humor section for the paper. It must be a new humor section because the idea that Congressman Grimm is fighting for Medicare is hilarious.


What has our love of country become?

Beyond the divisiveness, beyond the cheapening of patriotism by turning it into a talking point, the real concern about the loss of the word patriot is that it begins to elevate cynical views that weaken us, while weakening the best among us. Patriotism is not a word, it is a behavior. Patriotism is about character. Patriotism is about fulfilling our collective obligations to our communities, to the people around us. Patriotism is about true love of country, not superficial love.

The 180 Alert

How The Things Said On The RIght Couldn’t Be Further From The Truth.

It goes without saying that politicians on all sides have a tendency to bend the facts to fit their rhetoric. A little lie here, a little lie there, it’s common knowledge and accepted. There seems to be a new approach that pushes this to the extreme. I’d like to introduce you to the latest right wing weapon I call “the 180.” Increasingly we find our friends on the right saying things that aren’t just lies, but literally are the complete opposite of the truth.

Facts Matter, We Should Consider Them When Setting Policy

6 RIght Wing Lies About The Debt Ceiling Crisis

Stupid, ridiculous, disappointing, disgusting. When asked by the Washington Post and Pew Research Center to describe the debate in just one word, these words and others like them are how Americans described the debt ceiling and budget talks.

Please Think: Republicans You Are Acting Like Anything But Conservatives

5 Key Facts About The Debt Ceiling Crisis

It’s difficult to believe that we are still talking about the debt ceiling crisis at this late hour, yet somehow the “debate” over raising the debt ceiling continues. Here are 5 quick points to consider about this increasingly troubling crisis.

Pretending To Be Serious

Republicans, The Debt Limit And The Deficit

Yesterday Eric Cantor while arguing for Cut, Cap and Balance on the floor of the House said “We implore the other side to get serious.” The irony of a man who personifies a party that is anything but serious, lobbing criticisms across the aisle, while arguing for a bad piece of legislation, that will never pass the Senate is, well, perfectly ironic.

Corporate Personhood

A simple understanding of the english language would allow anyone to conclude that our founders use of words like "people" and "[wo]men" clearly indicate that citizens are, well, people. This truth is self-evident.

The Myth That America Is A Center Right Nation

Celebrating Our Independence From Another Right Wing Falsehood

With the birth of our nation fresh on our minds it seems like the right time to bask in the glow of the rocket’s red glare as the myth of America as a center right nation explodes in front of us. The question for our republican friends is, if we are a center right nation, why are you so afraid of people voting?


The Great Money Making Conspiracy The Rest Of Us Call Truth

It was recently reported that 74% of republican senators deny the validity of climate change science, and 53% of republicans in the house hold the same view. It’s incredibly refreshing to see a significant Republican figure like John Huntsman speak out in the name of science.
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