Staten Island & Brooklyn Working Together

To Rebuild The American Dream

A growing group of Americans are taking to the streets and are engaging in creating the kind of change we want and need for our country. There are so many issues that need fixing, not the least of which is the way our naton’s politics get done. But rather than complain, or sit at home frustrated, we here in Brooklyn and in Staten Island have decided it’s time to do something.

We’ve joined together with the Rebuild the Dream movement and we’ve begun coordinating with other groups of concerned citizens here in our communities to create the kind of nation we want to live in. Action is the order of the day. We all know things need to change, and we ask ourselves, why can’t that change start here? Why can’t Brooklyn and Staten Island be the place where a brighter American future is born?

We’ve been in the streets and at our Congressman’s office every week for the last month to discuss our concerns with the debt ceiling brinkmanship, Grimm’s Tea Party obsession with the deficit, and the Republican party’s lack of movement in helping to create jobs.

We’ve been meeting people in the streets and politely and respectfully discussing the issues facing all of us, and slowly we are growing the list of concerned citizens who want to get involved to improve their lives and yours.

On Wednesday, August 10th we rallied in both Staten Island and Brooklyn to tell Congressman Grimm to focus on Jobs Not Cuts . Similar rallies happened all across the nation. We held rallies in every congressional district across the country with one of the key actions being the delivery of the new Contract For The American Dream to every congressional office.

We intend to remain active. We intend to talk to more people and grow our movement. We intend to restore the government to the people through the simple exercise of our votes. No matter how much corruption, no matter how much money, no matter how crazy things get, we still have our vote. The midterm elections are a great example of what can happen when we don’t vote. As noted at

“Some 38 percent of eligible voters didn’t vote in 2008, and this November, another 33 percent didn’t show up, which means that ‘nonvoters were the majority in 2010.’”

We are dedicated to getting active and staying active. We are dedicated to getting people to exercise their vote. Most importantly, we are dedicated to restoring the American Dream for ourselves and our fellow Americans.

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  1. By John McGloin at Thanks for giving Grimm Hell. I was supporting the Verizon strikers, who are expected to take a $billion cut after the company paid $10 billion dividend to its parent company.

    The real "Job Creators are people that buy stuff. Our productivity keeps going up, but the wages of 80% of Americans is flat for 30 years. All of that extra cash is going to the top 2%.
    Transnational corporations are buying our country for pennies on the billion dollars. They have no loyalty to the USA, only to dollars. A worldwide movement to take governments back from the corporations is growing.

    Truly democratic, leaderless, General Assemblies are popping up around the world, to bring the voices of real people into the conversation.

    Please come to the next General Assembly in NYC, this Saturday, August 13, at 5:00 in Tompkins Square Park.

    The immediate task of the General Assembly at this time is to organize an "Occupation of Wall Street," on September 17th, so that people can come and tell the corporations that the gig is up.

    Thx John Mc
  2. By Christina Traboulsy at I have a Voice after a Stroke and I am a disabled person about to become homeless because Social Security gives to Foriegners and doesn't help Americans.... I Need the voice of many... Let me be the voice of many....

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