Marty’s Golden Opportunity

How Marty Is Making The Wrong Marriage Equality Move At The Right Time

Marty Golden recently said that his constituents “don’t give a rat’s ass about social issues.” Well, the photo below from last night’s protest for marriage equality would seem to indicate otherwise.

It goes without saying that Marty is wrong on the issue of marriage equality but even if he were right, the smart politician would at least consider the numbers. Poll after poll shows that for the first time in our history, a majority of Americans support marriage equality. A recent Gallup poll found that 53% of Americans now support marriage equality. Gen Xers support it to the tune of 59% and 70% of the Millennials behind them support marriage equality. Of course, these numbers are based on a nationwide poll that includes the most conservative regions of the country. Imagine what the numbers must be here in Brooklyn.

Marty Golden Marriage Equality Protest

Stepping away from public opinion, Marty Golden is just wrong on the issue. I continue to be amazed at how Republicans claim to be the party of the Constitution, the party of freedom, but when it comes to actual freedom, actual liberty, for actual people, their rhetoric ends and the anger and hatred begins. Freedom is more than a word for campaign speeches, it is something that our laws and our constitution guarantee for all people. We are after all, “endowed by our creator with certain inalienable rights.” Among these certainly must be the right to love the person of our choosing.

Marty Golden’s problems go beyond a fundamental lack of understanding of the issue and his constituents. Recently he proposed a mean spirited bill that would not only fail to permit marriage equality in New York, but would also codify New York’s failure to recognize gay marriages from other states.

As if that weren’t bad enough, Marty Golden has gone so far as to ignore and in some cases rudely respond to constituents when pressed on the issue. Several of last night’s protest participants told stories of Marty Golden’s abrasive behavior towards them in face to face discussions of this issue.

Marty Golden should consider the facts, he should consider the polls, and most importantly, he should consider if he would like to remain a New York State Senator. From the looks of things there is mounting pressure that may just force him to change his mind and his behavior.

Thanks to everyone for coming out last night, and thanks to the Bay Ridge Democrats, the Central Brooklyn Independent Democrats, and Lambda Independent Democrats of Brooklyn for putting this event together. Follow the links in the side bar to learn more about each of these groups and how you can get involved.