Pretending To Be Serious

Republicans, The Debt Limit And The Deficit

Yesterday Eric Cantor while arguing for Cut, Cap and Balance on the floor of the House said “We implore the other side to get serious.” The irony of a man who personifies a party that is anything but serious, lobbing criticisms across the aisle, while arguing for a bad piece of legislation, that will never pass the Senate is, well, perfectly ironic.

The republicans told us during the 2010 midterm elections that their focus in office would be “jobs, jobs, jobs.” Since then their focus has been stall, stall, stall. So let’s take a “serious” look at the facts.

1. The republican house has yet to offer or pass a single piece of jobs legislation. Failing to do a single thing about your main campaign pledge is anything but serious Mr. Cantor.

2. Everyone knows that we must, and will raise the debt ceiling. Spending several months pretending to debate raising the debt ceiling is anything but serious Mr. Cantor.

3. Attacking Social Security, Medicaid and Medicare when we know the true sources of the deficit is anything but serious Mr. Cantor.

But please allow me to take you seriously for just a moment, and let’s take a serious look at this year’s budget deficit:

2011 Deficit - CBO

You see those two big green bars labeled “$424” and “$969”? Those are the portion of this year’s deficit as demonstrated by the left most blue bar, that are left over from the Bush Administration. Now you see that blue sliver on the right marked “$47” that’s the surplus we would have even, with the Obama Administration’s stimulus spending of $134 Billion, if not for the legacy of all the republican spending during the Bush Administration.

So let’s take a serious look at how we can work on those green bars Mr. Cantor and when we are done with them, if we still need to, we can take a serious look at Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid. But then I’m guessing you know that we won’t need to.

It’s so simple to get serious when you skip the rhetoric and jump straight to the facts!

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